You're better than this. 0

nmhafiz | 12:13 AM | ,

To whom it may concern,

Dear, I'm sorry for what has happened. I don't want to point finger at this and that or whoever exist in this whole wide world that relates directly or indirectly in our relationship. We have made a mistake, we're aware of the mistake that we've done, and hopefully its not repeating again in the future. Its not that I want to say I'm too clean in life, nor saying you're the only person to be blame. Sometimes people do make mistakes in their life, sooner or later, and people should learn from the mistakes, not pointing fingers and do it all again and again and again.

Dear beauty, you're better than this, you should be better than this. You're on top of the world, until you make a silly mistakes by cheating people here and there. Its not that hard to live in a straight world, all you have to do is be honest. Honesty is the best policy, when you being honest then you don't have to create any rubbish to cover up any lies. Thanks for being honest with me. You already did the right thing, the glorious thing. 'Berkata benarlah walaupun pahit'. Really appreciated.

You're far better than this. This is not the place where you should be. People do says that age is just a number but that number comes with maturity in both thinking and mind setting. You're not a child anymore, that's why I never ask you to do this or that, I'm just telling you that is wrong, this is right, you're the one to take charge. I've been doing this all the time if you did notice. I don't have the authority to ask you to do anything, I'm just giving my view on certain things so that you know where to go. I know that there were lines where I can't cross, lines which you should know when to make your own decision. Please, dear, for God's sake, you're not a child anymore.

Advices is good. People gives advice to thing that they think could be better, they know SHOULD be better. You're one of a kind, you have your own way to go, and your own way to seek advice. I've no doubt about it as I'm trying my best to give advices to that you will listen one day. You're far better than this, honey. You must learn to listen before you can talk. That's the best lesson for your future. Please, I beg you, please make a change, you could be better. I hope to see you one day in a bright smile telling me that you're far better than yesteryear. Honey, you got the world in your hand and yet you let the world down because you never listen. Its good to hold on to your thought, your principle, but there were times when you have to be different to make your life a better life. Trust me, I have high hope on you, sweetheart.

I'm sorry for I have to spit it all up in here, its not that I want to hurt you but there's no other way that could make you listen to my thought, well at least I did try to make you clear on things. Dear, you're better than this, I believe you can do much better than this. I know that you're a really special person, loved by many, trusted by some, then you should go on full force to make your life better. Trust me, you won't loose anything if you make a change and learn to listen. I knew I loved you more than words can say, but if things get out of hands we sometimes end up cursing at each other. But just remember, I did promised you that I'll look after you no matter what happened, take my words and claim it anytime. Take care, have a nice day, may all your dream came true, with or without me.

Love u always, love u still.